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All music and lyrics are copyrighted with all rights reserved. RTS



6-17-07 copr. RTS

Voices in my head

Voices in my heart

voices making choices that are tearing me apart

what I want and what I need

are two very different things for me


One hand on the gearshift

one hand on the wheel

one day I think I''m dreaming

and wonder if its real

come and work your magic

a witches brew of love

something so satisfying

I could never get enough


Your touch is filled with ecstasy

flesh upon my skin

passion pulsing through my soul

my world within me spins


what you want and what you need

to be satisfied completely

I press my lips upon your lips

and soon you feel release

whisper softly magic words

and set your spirit free


voices in your head

voices in your heart

voices demanding choices

that are tearing us apart

what we want and what we need

are two very different things indeed




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