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Hey Raven Maniacs! What would you like to know? Send Raven an email and we can put the dirty laundry right here!
Here are some CD covers of the published albums. The Fan Club is growing...if you are not a member...send an email to find out how!

Albums complete now:  100 Mile Marker

Bondage; Dragon Tamer; Hearthtones; Lip Service and....Destiny


On myspace check it out!!! New Hypnotic Rock songs from Raven Thomas(you can hear it now on myspace just click on the pic of the Raven on homepage) New World Vision announcing the rising king! Throw Me A Line, God bless the Katrina victims! Bust My Rocks, pounding away at everyday. And Goodbye Love a suicide note from an abuser, what emotions doesnt this song explore? Hey Raven Maniacs! What’s up?  

Raven is always working on something NEW! You can hear it here or on My Space. You can now purchase Raven Thomas Tunes! Help support the music!!

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